Lets …. Cook Cretan History!

Intro: Introduction: Hi I’m George, I was born in a small village in Apokoronas Province near Chania. 17 years ago, I moved to Rethymno and attended the University of Crete, Department of History and Archaeology.

My passion for history is only surpassed by my passion for local nature and exploration of the endless Cretan landscapes. As a historian, I love to know the historic background of every piece of Cretan Tradition. Cretan cuisine has always stunned me with its diversity and unique taste, so the idea of  Lets…Cook Cretan history sprung in my mind as the perfect match between knowledge and fun!


Are you ready…?

Crete is a fertile land. Our ancestors worked hard on this land and it gave back everything. Cretan dietary customs, or simply the best part of the Mediterranean cuisine, is one of our island’s greatest treasures.

On this experience you will not just learn how to cook a Cretan meal from a chef, but from a historian with a passion for cooking. Together, we will prepare dishes with simple, organic based ingredients, while we discuss about Crete’s rich history and mythology. Each ingredient, each product of this blessed land has its own unique and very interesting history.

So, at this experience, we’ll cook, we’ll eat and we’ll have fun while learning interesting facts and wonderous tales from Crete. Our goal is to taste traditional delicacies, learn how to cook like an authentic Cretan and enrich our knowledge about Cretan culture and its association with numerous civilizations around a big part of the world.

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