The Story of Cressa Corona

If simple living is not enough for you, then Cressa Corona has a story to tell. Take a deep dive into the place where history meets grace.

Our boutique haven in the center of the old town named after the myth of Princess Ariadne of Crete and the Minotaur has a story to tell; a story of myths and real-life metaphors for you to take with you to your creative journey in life.

Cressa Corona is an adults-only boutique hotel that encompasses the mysticism of the Ottoman era in Crete, traditional Cretan elements and unique modern facilities and services. Embracing the past and the present of Rethymno’s medieval town, Cressa Corona will make you see our magnificent city from a different perspective.

Lift your accommodation experience to a higher level by staying in one of our elegantly decorated suites equipped with the best amenities and facilities to offer the ultimate level of comfort and warmth.

Original in design and thoughtful in spirit, Cressa Corona will fuel your imagination and awaken your senses to a rejuvenated version of yourself.

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